Niagara Falls Soccer Club

NFSC - NIAGARA FC Volunteer Form



Welcome to the Niagara Falls Soccer Club, and thank you for your interest in volunteering!


Being a not-for-profit organization we rely on people such as yourself to ensure all of our members get the best experience possible and get the most out of what soccer has to offer. Before you go through the registration, here are just a few things to keep in mind:


1. Are you looking to coach? If so we have a separate form for that which covers more coaching-related questions. Please click HERE for that!


2. We require all volunteers and coaches to have a background check completed for the safety of the players. If you need one of these completed, please contact the office to receive the required letter to get one done.


3. Is this for school volunteer hours? Let us know how many hours you need and how long you have to complete them!



For more information on Police Checks and how to obtain them, please visit the Niagara Regional Police Service website and their "Vulnerable Sector Police Check" page.


Police checks can be done online via this link.


Please Note:  Due to a change in RCMP policy, effective December 5, 2010, NRPS can no longer accept requests for a PVSC from persons residing outside of the Niagara Region. You must visit the police service that serves the municipality in which you reside. Students with a temporary school address in the Niagara Region must provide the current local address and proof of address (copy of lease agreement, utility bill, etc.) in order for us to process their PVSC.

Questions? Contact us at:

NFSC Office

Phone: 905-374-4040