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NFSC 2024 Macgregors Meat and Seafood Fundraiser


Stock Up On Meat and Seafood For The Long Weekend and Summer BBQ Season!!

Join the Niagara Falls Soccer Club and Niagara FC OPDL in preparing for the holiday season, with our club-wide fundraiser partnering with Macgregors Meat and Seafood


This highly respected, family-owned butcher provides families and restaurants with high-quality meat and seafood. We have partnered with Macgregors Meat and Seafood to offer our members great value and some delicious meat, seafood, and quick eats in hopes of raising money for female mentorship, coach and referee development, and new equipment.   


This fundraiser will be open from Friday, April 5th to Thursday June 6th, with all orders placed and paid for online.


Orders must be picked up on Saturday June 15th at 1:00 pm at the Clubhouse. We do not have the facilities to store your product.


To view the Macgregors Meat and Seafood brochure, click here


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If you have any questions please email our office at, or call 905 374 4040

Sam Cronkwright Niagara Falls Soccer Club Admin

Sam Cronkwright Niagara Falls Soccer Club Admin

Phone: 905 374 4040